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If you are looking for the best zero gravity chair in the UK below you will find some of the most popular and highly rated zero gravity outdoor recliners around.

Choose from a wide variety of zero gravity lawn chairs that have received very positive feedback from the majority of buyers.

If you are looking for a perfect way to relax this summer, one of the gravity recliners below or a set of 2 anti gravity chairs is a great place to start.

All of the zero gravity chairs below are available to buy in the UK and all have above average ratings based on the zero gravity chair reviews left by buyers.

You can also check out our top choices in each category directly below by clicking on the green panels.

We have even included the best budget zero gravity chair options in each category should you be looking for the best cheap zero gravity chairs in the UK.

Top Choice Budget Zero Gravity Chairs

Denny International Black Zero Gravity Chair

high in quality, highly rated and comfortable! Don’t let the very low price on this zero gravity chair fool you into thinking it may be an inferior product.

If you are in need of an outdoor zero gravity chair but are not prepared to shell out too much cash the Denny International zero gravity chair is a worthwhile consideration!

View more info and check price!

Azuma Padded Zero Gravity Chair – Various Colours Available

A great looking padded zero gravity chair that has loads of really positive reviews. It is also available in a range of colours!

Featuring 2 cm of soft padding throughout the whole seat of the chair this good looking and stylish padded zero gravity chair will certainly provide some great comfort!

The price is likely to surprise you too! Check out more colour options here.

Find out more information about this padded zero gravity chair and check price.

Horizon Set of 2 Zero Gravity Chairs

Although this pair of zero g chairs may not look particularly inspiring to someone who wants a bit of colour in their garden, they are among some of the best rated zero gravity chair 2 packs available.

A really appealing price makes this set of 2 zero gravity recliners a perfect choice for dual relaxation on a budget. Also if you work out the price per chair, these really are exceptional value for money!

View price and find more information here.

Superworth Superwidth 57 cm zero gravity chair 200 kg weight capacity

An excellent well rated extra large zero gravity chair that is very low in price.

The Superworth zero gravity chair features an extra wide seat and has a very impressive 200 kg weight capacity.

It also comes complete with a high quality side table that features many accessory slots.

Another great thing about the Superworth extra large zero gravity chair is the price, since it is available for the same price as many standard sized zero gravity chairs.

Superworth Super Width Zero Gravity Chair 200KG Capacity

Find out more and check price for the Superworth extra large zero gravity chair.

Top Choice Zero Gravity Chairs

Lafuma RSXA Clip Reclining Chair – Various Colours

Choosing the best zero gravity chair available in the UK is often an easy task thanks to the brand Lafuma. Always highly rated and always high in quality, any garden gravity chair from Lafuma is a worthwhile consideration.

The RSXA clip is one of the newer models of Lafuma chair and features Lafumas patented clip system for superior support and comfort. This particular chair is available in large and XL variations.

Lafuma chairs may not be the cheapest but they are very sturdy and long lasting, and in many peoples opinion great value for money!

Please note: This particular model is yet to receive any buyer reviews (at the time of writing) due to its recent release. You can however check out the reviews on the older model here.

Find out more here!

Lafuma RSXA Clip Air Comfort Zero G Chair – Various Colours -Large or XL

If you are looking for the ultimate padded zero gravity chair then look no further than the very stylish Air Comfort RSXA Clip from Lafuma.

Padded with a triple layer of air comfort material, this is the chair to choose if you want the best comfort a zero gravity chair can offer. It is also available in an extra large variation that can hold up to 150 kg!

Since this zero gravity chair is a fairly new model there are not many buyer reviews to go on. However, with the highly positive ratings on all other zero gravity recliners from Lafuma you can guarantee it is exceptional quality.

Take a look at the other colour options available and check price here!

Clifford James Set Of 2 Zero Gravity Chairs – Various Colours

Ok, so these are not necessarily the best set you can get. It is true that they have very good buyer ratings and reviews, however so do many of the zero gravity chair 2 packs.

The main reason for highlighting this set of two zero gravity chairs is due to the fact that they are available in some different colours. Most of the other sets of two zero gravity chairs tend to be available in either black or grey.

There is no doubting that this set is great for adding a little colour to your lawn and the reviews are very good.

However, if you are not too fussed about colour, the cheaper Horizon budget option listed above are a equally good choice.

View the other colour options available and check price here.

Lafuma RSXA Clip X-Large Zero Gravity Chair – Various Colours Available

As mentioned above in the budget option XL zero gravity chair section, there currently are not many extra large zero gravity chairs to choose from in the UK. Aside from those that are made by Lafuma.

However, If you are looking for a high quality XL chair and are prepared to shell out the extra cash for that quality, the RSXA XL zero gravity recliner is certainly worth considering!

This chair is available in both large and XL sizes and is also highlighted as our top choice of zero gravity chair in the UK above.

As mentioned in the section earlier, due to how new this chair is, it has yet to receive any buyer reviews. You can however vie the reviews on the older model here.

You can check the price and view more information here.

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