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Grab Yourself a Zero Gravity Chair

If you are looking for the perfect way to relax in your garden then a zero gravity chair is a great option to consider. Zero gravity chairs provide you with maximum comfort while aiding your spine. They relieve the pressure placed upon it, as well as easing any tension you may have in your muscles. A zero gravity garden chair is not only a relaxing way to rest in the summer sun but can also be a benefit for your body, providing a highly relaxing and healthy experience.


Zero gravity chair reclining
Zero gravity chair benefits

Why Choose a Zero Gravity Outdoor Chair?

There are plenty of garden chairs and recliners available that can provide excellent comfort and relaxation over the summer months. So what makes an outdoor zero gravity chair a better choice of recliner?

A zero gravity garden chair utilizes the anti-gravity technology that was originally developed for astronauts, by reclining into the position an astronaut adopts during take-off. The zero gravity chair helps to reduce joint pressure by suspending you in mid-air making the user feel almost weightless. For more information on the zero gravity position take a look at this helpful guide.

These chairs are also ideal for those with heart and circulation issues since they reduce the strain put on your heart and your spine. You can relax in the garden or even in your living room, some even say these chairs make great storage friendly, folding gaming chairs allowing you to relax in them for hours.

You can find out more about the various claimed health benefits of using a zero gravity chair lower on the page.

The ergonomic design distributes your weight evenly throughout the chai.

The chairs all have open weave elastic lacing that provides excellent ventilation to keep you cool while providing you with a hammock-like feeling of relaxation.

The zero gravity chairs listed on our site all have high strength and durable weather-proof steel frames and are able to recline through and lock in a number of positions. Many chairs are designed to be folded up instantly for easy storage and portability and come with padded adjustable and removable headrests.

Here you will find the best zero gravity chairs for your garden or even for your home that we have found from across the internet. They are all available to buy in the UK from a range of great brands. You will find chairs in a range of colours and prices to suit your taste and budget. We hope you will find yourself relaxing in your new zero gravity chair in the very near future.

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Current Most Popular Zero Gravity Chairs

Best Zero Gravity Chair Buying Guide

Types of Zero Gravity Chair

Standard Sized

As you would expect standard sized zero gravity recliners are the most popular choice in the UK, you can also find XL zero gravity chairs that generally have a wider seat and often a higher weight capacity.

Generally in the UK most standard sized zero gravity chairs are made from waterproof Textiline fabric with a bungee support system. You may also find some padded zero gravity chairs available, although there are often far more padded zero gravity chairs available in the USA.

Standard sized zero gravity chairs tend to have a weight capacity between 100 and 150 kg depending on the model.

The Azuma padded zero gravity chair featured right is a nice example of a low priced standard sized zero gravity chair.

Sets of 2

You can quite often find zero gravity chairs to buy as a single chair or in a set of 2.

Generally you will often find that sets of 2 zero gravity chairs are standard sized with a Textiline seat, although you may occasionally find a 2 pack of XL zero gravity chairs or padded zero gravity chairs.

When opting for a set of 2 zero gravity chairs you would generally expect the set of 2 to save you a bit of cash when compared to buying chairs individually. In most cases this is true, however occasionally you may find purchasing the chairs individually is actually the cheaper option.

The Sumner set of 2 padded zero gravity chairs are a well rated set of two chairs that are great value.

Padded Zero Gravity Chairs

Padded zero gravity chairs are currently far easier to find in the USA, however there are a few available in the UK if you look around a little.

Most padded zero gravity chairs feature a fairly thin layer of padding, but it is certainly thick enough to improve the comfort.

When compared to the Textiline style zero gravity chairs that are so readily available in the UK, a padded zero gravity chair is likely to be a more preferable option for most due to the extra comfort provided.

The only minor downside to a padded zero gravity chair is that the material will take longer to dry than a Textilene chair would if left out in the rain. Although it is not really recommended to leave zero gravity chairs in the rain anyway if you want to keep the frame looking in good condition.

The Timber Ridge range of zero gravity chairs (featured right) are some nice padded options that are also XL. There are also cheaper standard sized ones such as the Amazon Basics model.


XL and Oversized Zero Gravity Chairs

As with the padded zero gravity chairs, extra large zero gravity chairs are a lot easier to find in the US. There are however a few that can be found in the UK.

XL zero gravity chairs are often padded although you can find textiline style ones also. They also often look a lot more stylish when compared to standard sized textilene chairs and usually have extra features such as side accessory tables included.

Most extra large zero gravity chairs have higher weight capacities and a much wider seating area. You may also find that some are longer making them more suitable for taller users, however generally it is the wider seat that makes them larger than standard sized recliners.

XL zero gravity chairs generally hold around 150 – 160 kg in weight.

Due to their large frame and often padded seat they generally weigh a bit more than regular zero g recliners and their large size makes them a less portable option.

The Timber Ridge zero gravity chair featured above is a very good XL chair to consider as are the Ever Advanced padded zero gravity chairs shown to the right.

Orbital Zero Gravity Chairs

Orbital zero gravity chairs are very stylish but not quite as versatile as regular zero gravity chairs.

They are European in design and look very futuristic, however some would probably say they are more style over substance.

Generally Orbital zero gravity chairs have a lower weight capacity when compared to regular zero gravity chairs , usually around 100 kg.

Orbital recliners can be folded making them a portable option and they are often fairly lightweight.

One complaint some users have is that orbital zero gravity chairs do not recline back as far as zero gravity chairs.

It is true that you get a lot more control with a regular zero gravity chair due to the angle adjustment and locking abilities. However, many would probably agree that Orbital zero gravity chairs are a very stylish option.


Zero Gravity Chair Features

Standard Features

Almost every zero gravity chair will have the following features as standard.

  • Headrest pillow. Every zero gravity chair on the market comes included with a padded headrest pillow that can also be used for lumbar support. The headrest is removable and most can be positioned anywhere throughout the length of the seat.
  • Armrests with locking mechanism. Most chairs will have plastic armrests although some may have wooden or faux wooden armrests. Often under each armrest is the locking mechanism that allows the user to lock the chair in place at their desired recline angle up to the full zero gravity position.
  • Bungee support system. Most zero gravity chairs have an elastic lace support system that joins the seat to the frame. This lacing provides good support as you recline on the chair and provides great flexibility. Some zero gravity chairs like the Lafuma range feature their own clip system, but the vast majority of zg chairs use bungee support.
  • Powder coated steel frame. The majority of zero gravity chairs will have some sort of weatherproof finish on the frame. Some are better than others at standing up to rust but powder coating isn’t a perfect solution. It is highly recommended that even with powder coating you do not leave your gravity recliner outdoors in wet weather.
  • Non slip feet and footrest. Most chairs will have protective material on the base of the frame and where your feet will rest to protect the frame from damage and add stability.

Additional Features

Some zero gravity chairs may also feature:

  • A Padded Seat. We have already touched upon padded zero gravity chairs above, They generally feature a thin layer of padding to provide great comfort and are often a lot more stylish looking than textilene chairs.
  • A Wider Seat. Also looked at above, zero gravity chairs with a wider seat will be labelled as either XL, extra large or oversized. They will also have a higher weight capacity.
  • A Sun Canopy. One nice feature you may find is a sun shade. Sun shades are adjustable and can be flipped over the backrest when not required. The Sumner set of 2 zero gravity chairs pictured right are a low priced option if you like the idea of this feature.
  • Accessories Tray. A feature that is becoming increasingly popular and often included with zero gravity recliners. Side tables often can be clipped to the frame or may be built in on more expensive chairs. Usually the tables are plastic and feature drinks holders and slots for books or mobile devices. They can also be bought separately.
  • Textiline Table. Some sets of 2 zero gravity chairs may some with a matching table with a steel frame and Textilene top.

Zero Gravity Chair Claimed Health Benefits

Many agree that zero gravity chairs are both comfortable and pleasurable to sit in. However, many claim relaxing in the zero gravity position also has many health benefits.

Some of the benefits of using zero gravity chair may include:

  • Reduction of Pressure upon the spine
  • Increased blood oxygen levels & circulation
  • Reduction of strain on the heart
  • Increased lung capacity and improved respiration
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Increased neck and back relaxation
  • Reduction in joint pressure
  • Improved Circulation in the legs reducing swelling
  • Prevention of conditions such as varicose veins

The reason for these health benefits are due to the zero gravity position that the chair provides. You can see the zero gravity position in the image near the top of the page.

The ergonomic design of the chair distributes the users weight evenly throughout the chair, reducing pressure on the spine and muscles, as well as increasing lung capacity and helping with circulation.

The legs are raised which helps promote circulation in the legs and help with conditions such as varicose veins and prevent pooling of blood in the feet.

The zero gravity position is also believed to reduce strain on the heart as blood is pumped more effortlessly around the body while the legs are raised.

Please note: Although using a zero gravity chair may be beneficial to people with back pain. If you have had any back surgery you should consult your physician before using an anti-gravity chair.

The content on this website is informational and should not be used in place of professional medical advice.

Zero Gravity Chair FAQ’S

Can you lay flat on a Zero Gravity Chair? 

This is asked a lot usually by potential buyers looking for a sun lounger style chair/bed.

Zero gravity chairs do not fold out so you can lay flat upon them. All zero gravity chairs will recline up to a certain position and raise your legs. so they never go completely horizontal.

Can you leave Zero Gravity Chairs outdoors? 

Most zero gravity chairs have powder coated frames, although we would not recommend leaving them in wet weather.

Some may be fine to leave out in the rain, however, there are so many reviews where buyers have left chairs out only for a few days and experienced rust problems.

Considering how easily zero gravity chairs fold up we would recommend always keeping them covered or bringing them indoors when it starts to pour.

How do you recline on Zero Gravity Chairs? 

To recline on a zero gravity chair you simply lean your back into the backrest and the chair will recline while raising your feet and legs.

The first few times you may find it requires a small bit of effort but after a while you will find it fairly effortless.

To get back to the upright position simply shift the weight to your legs and push them downwards.

Can you lock the chair between upright and full recline?

These days almost all zero gravity chairs have locks allowing you to recline at any angle within the extremities.

Below the armrests there will often be a twist lock or a fingertip loop lock to secure the chair.

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Please note some products will not have reviews especially if they are a new product. We recommend that you read the buyer reviews provided on each product page, before you decide on your ideal zero gravity chair, as they are a great way to see whether the chair will be a good fit for you.

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