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If you are looking for the perfect way to relax in your garden then a zero gravity chair is a great option to consider. Zero gravity chairs provide you with maximum comfort while aiding your spine. They relieve the pressure placed upon it, as well as easing any tension you may have in your muscles. A zero gravity garden chair is not only a relaxing way to rest in the summer sun but can also be a benefit for your body, providing a highly relaxing and healthy experience.


Why Choose a Zero Gravity Outdoor Chair?

There are plenty of garden chairs and recliners available that can provide excellent comfort and relaxation over the summer months. So what makes an outdoor zero gravity chair a better choice of recliner?

A zero gravity garden chair utilizes the anti gravity technology that was originally developed for astronauts, by reclining into the position an astronaut adopts during take-off . The zero gravity chair helps to reduce joint pressure by suspending you in mid air making the user feel almost weightless. For more information on the zero gravity position take a look at this helpful guide.

These chairs are also perfect for those with heart problems since they also reduce the strain put on your heart and your spine. You can relax in the garden or even in your living room, some even say these chairs make great storage friendly, folding gaming chairs allowing you to relax in them for hours.

The ergonomic design distributes your weight evenly throughout the chair and when you have found your optimal position you can lock the chairs into the perfect position for you to relax.

The chairs all have open weave elastic lacing that provides excellent ventilation to keep you cool while providing you with a hammock-like feeling of relaxation.

The zero gravity chairs listed on our site all have high strength and durable weatherproof steel frames and are able to recline through a number of positions. Many chairs are designed to be folded up instantly for easy storage and portability and come with padded adjustable and removable headrests.

Here you will find the best zero gravity chairs for your garden or even for your home that we have found from across the internet. They are all available to buy in the UK from a range of great brands including Lafuma, Royalcraft, Palm Springs, Vinsani and more. You will find chairs in a range of colours and prices to suit your taste and budget. We hope you will find yourself relaxing in your new zero gravity recliner chair in the very near future.

Lafuma Zero Gravity Chairs
Outdoor Zero Gravity Chairs from the Lafuma Range

Here at  Zero Gravity Chair we’re able to offer you a varied selection of zero gravity chairs, loungers and recliners for sale in the UK.

We hope to provide you with a balanced opinion of each of the chairs listed with full product descriptions as well as reviews of each zero gravity garden chair from others that have purchased the same chair.

To purchase any of the chairs listed on our site simply click on the buy product button and you will be taken to a stockist to complete your purchase.

Please note some products will not have reviews especially if they are a new product. We recommend that you read the buyer reviews provided on each product page, before you decide on your ideal zero gravity chair, as they are a great way to see whether the chair will be a good fit for you.

If any chairs are out of stock please check back regularly as it is often only temporary. You may also be interested in visiting this other garden furniture site specialising in Garden Helicopter Chairs available in the UK.

How do zero gravity chairs work?

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